2020 Japan Technical Mission

Why Should I Join a Technical Mission to Japan?

The Japan Technical Mission is based on immersion in the Culture and Environment where the Lean System came about: Toyota and other Japanese Organizations.

Lean System? In my company?

Lean System, Lean Production, Lean Manufacturing, TPS, Toyota Way, Lean Enterprise…

  • How does it all fit together?
  • And why is Lean so important for my company?
  • Can it be applied to my business?

Lean Consulting

We are an operations management consultancy specialized in supporting Lean System implementation. Our advantages can be seen in our clients and results and are supported by our methods.

Why the Lean System?

Increased Competitiveness.… ethis is the key driver for most change initiatives.

Definitions and Concepts

An interesting way to learn Lean System concepts is to understand the philosophy that drives and permeate the company where it was born and that…

Meet Lean Way

To understand the Toyota Production System, first we need to understand its origins in manufacturing…

History of the Lean System

To understand the Toyota Production System, first we need to…

Understanding the Lean System

The name Lean System is used to define a set of…

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