Japan 2020 Technical Mission

Why Should I Join a Technical Mission to Japan - Lean Way Consulting:

Definitions and Concepts

An interesting way to learn Lean System concepts is to understand the philosophy that drives and permeate the company where it was born and that represents the gold standard to this day: Toyota.

In 2001, Toyota felt the need to explicitly define its philosophy, the “way it does things.” To that end, the company published a document known as “The Toyota Way,” which represents the organization’s values supported by two pillars:

– Continuous Improvement

– Respect for People

Continuous Improvement, in turn, is reached through three concepts:

– Challenge, through a creative, bold long term vision;
– Kaizen, the continuous pursuit of improvements in products, services, processes, and people;

– Genchi Genbutsu, going to the source, “where things happen,” to get the facts and guide decisions;

Respect for People in addition to representing respect for team members, places high value on Teamwork, as well as on building mutual trust and accountability.

Lean Enterprise

The goal of a Lean Enterprise is to enable the organization to produce and deliver any product…

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing can be represented in two different ways…

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