Japan 2020 Technical Mission

Why Should I Join a Technical Mission to Japan - Lean Way Consulting:


Lean Manufacturing is founded on process stability and supported by the combined application of mechanisms targeted at eliminating interferences caused by the unavailability or deficiencies in Man, Material, Machine and Method.

Only processes that are stable, under control and capable can be standardized to ensure the manufacturing of defect-free items (resulting from the Jidoka pillar), in the right amount and at the right time (resulting from the JIT pillar).

The other elements that make up the basis of Lean Manufacturing are:



Leveling (Heijunka)

Establishing a leveled schedule by ordering requests in a repetitive pattern and leveling daily variations for all requests to match long-term demand. Heijunka means leveling product types and amounts.

Standardized work

Establishes job content, sequence of activities, as well as how, when and how long it takes to execute them, and what resources and work in process are required. Standardized work ensures that each activity cycle will be performed within the takt time and as efficiently as possible.


Incremental, continuous improvement of an activity, focused on eliminating waste (muda) to add more value to the product or service with as little investment as possible. The process springs from standardizing the best solution and consequently improving that standard, thus ensuring small, incremental gains will be added to operations.

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