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Our Team

Paulo Ghinato – CEO & Senior Consultant


Paulo Ghinato holds a PhD in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Kobe University, Japan, and a Master’s degree in Production Engineering and a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from UFRGS, Brazil. Ghinato has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing as an executive, specialist, teacher and consultant.

Ghinato began his Lean Journey 27 years ago, four of which were spent in Japan, where he returns every year to lead Technical Missions. His experience with the Lean System includes over 10,000 hours of kaizen activities and hundreds of hours coaching presidents, CEOs and top executives in various organizations in Brazil and abroad.

Ghinato has wide academic experience, having taught, researched and supervised Master’s and doctoral candidates in several Production Engineering and Business Management graduate programs. Ghinato has written a book about the Lean System, and published several papers on Production Management and Quality Management.

That rare combination of mastery over concepts and widely varied experience in implementation and deployment makes Ghinato stand out among Lean Experts and Sensei in Brazil. As the founder of Lean Way Consulting, Ghinato currently holds the titles of CEO and Senior Consultant at the firm.

Marcio Severo – Executive Director & Senior Consultant

Marcio Rogerio Ferreira Severo holds a Master’s degree in production Engineering from Universidade Federal de Perrnambuco, an MBA in Strategic Management from Insper (SP) and bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade de Pernambuco. He is also a graduate of various management courses from international colleges and universities, such as the Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Duke University, and University of Hong Kong.

As an executive, Marcio has over 30 years of experience in Management, Production and Plant Management, Product Quality, Management Systems and Tech Support in the steel, chemical, food, textile and sporting goods industries, at organizations such as Rhodia, Alpargatas and Gerdau. From 2011 to 2016, he worked in operations in the United States and India.

He has been working on Lean System implementation since 2000, and has worked as an Educational and Business Management consultant since 2016 in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

As a Business Management professor at UFPE, Marcio has taught Operations Management, Statistics and Logistics courses.

Daniel Fernandes da Silva – Consultant

Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Production Engineering from FEI and a degree in Mechanics from ETE Getúlio Vargas. He is also a Six Sigma Black Belt and a Specialist in Process Management from FGV.

Marcio Rodrigues da Silva – Consultant

Marcio holds a bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI) and a graduate degree in Project Management from Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista (FIAP). He has worked in various industries, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, chemicals, and machinery. Marcio has over ten years of experience in the Lean System and related areas, especially in the development, implementation and coordination of systems and tools to control material flows, pull systems (kanban), value stream mapping, process stabilization, and industrial layout projects.

Marcelo Loro – Consultant

Marcelo holds a technologist degree in Production Processes from Centro Universitário Anhanguera de Santo André (UNIA, then called Universidade Santo André) and graduate degrees in Business Management from Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and in Industrial Psychology from Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (UMESP).

Marcelo Loro began his career in the metalworking industry, where he worked for 27 years to acquire expertise in various areas. Marcelo has a long career as project manager and team manager, as well as a change agent, and has built up a wide body of knowledge from his work in developing, deploying and multiplying the concepts and mechanisms from Lean Thinking at every level of the organizations where he has worked, leading productivity and quality indicators to record-setting performance numbers.

Pablo Nascimento – Consultant

Pablo holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Systems Automation from Universidade São Francisco, in Itatiba, São Paulo, and a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Lean Manufacturing from Universidade de São Caetano do Sul (USCS).

Pablo started his career in 1999, working in the auto parts and consumer goods industries, with experience in areas such as quality, manufacturing, processes, and technical sales. He is an expert at implementing and maintaining continuous improvement programs, deploying various lean methods and techniques, value stream mapping, standardization, process stabilization, and industrial layout projects. Pablo is also experienced in change management, organizational development and Lean Healthcare.

Internationally, Pablo has conducted kaizen projects in Argentina, Germany and Mexico.

Pablo is also a professor at the USCS graduate program, where he teaches in the Lean Manufacturing Specialization program.

Thiago José dos Santos – Consultant

Thiago holds a bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from Universidade de Sorocaba (UNISO) and has worked in various industries, including metallurgy, renewable energy, aviculture, and animal nutrition. Thiago has close to 15 years of professional experience, with a focus on time studies for processes, standardized work, assembly line balancing, pull systems, VSM, and 5S implementation.

Vanessa Stefani – Administrative Coordinator

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