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Why Should I Join a Technical Mission to Japan - Lean Way Consulting:

About Lean Way

Throughout its almost 20 years, Lean Way Consulting has become one of the top experts in the Lean System in Brazil.

It is no coincidence that major players in a wide variety of industries adopt solutions from Lean Way Consulting when it comes to increasing competitiveness through cost reductions, better on-time delivery, quality improvements, higher labor productivity, increased process efficiency, and inventory cuts, among others.

Lean Way Consulting has developed a solid, results-oriented and winning approach that had led it to become widely recognized.

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Lean Way Consulting was founded in 2002 and its portfolio includes the major steel companies, metal-mechanic, chemical, footwear, electronics, food and services.

Clients and Results

More than 250 support and training projects in over 50 major companies, 11 Brazilian states and abroad.

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